Wedding Planning

When my husband and I started planning our wedding, I wanted something unique and exciting for our guests to enjoy.  We had attended weddings in the past in traditional chapels, on the beach, even one at the San Diego Zoo.  We looked everywhere but nothing stood out that would awe, captivate, and entertain our friends and family while giving our wedding day the significance I desired – I had not though of a yacht wedding.

Yacht Wedding – Old World Charm

I had almost given up hope when I discovered San Diego Boat Tours.  I was immediately mesmerized by the thought of hosting our wedding on yacht.  The old-world charm of a wedding at sea seemed the perfect counterpoint to the hectic nature of modern life and provided both my husband and I with a sense of history as, together, we made our vows to embark on our life-long voyage.

The elegance of the ship for a yacht wedding, as well as the vast beauty of the ocean, provided the ideal backdrop for our wedding photos.  We even got so lucky as to have dolphins come visit us.  In contrast to the magnificence of an open-air wedding on the deck of a yacht overlooking the seemingly infinite ocean, the intimacy of the ship provided our wedding party with a sense of familiarity and closeness that would have been impossible in more traditional settings.  Many of our friends stated that instead of feeling like a guest, they felt as if everyone present was an integral part of the proceedings.

Yacht Wedding – An unforgettable Experience

The best part was that for a more affordable price than a traditional wedding, San Diego Boat Tours provided a wedding planner and caterer in order to bestow on us the peace of mind that our special day would be exactly as I had always dreamed.  My friends and family all agreed the day was an unforgettable experience that we would all cherish.

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