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Yacht Charter Question and Answers

This is our #1 concern. The yacht is very safe and the captain has years of experience and is USCG licensed. We have emergency procedures in place and life jackets for everyone on board. We have a hostess ( similar to a flight attendant) on each charter for extra safety and your comfort. As we the vessel is maintained to a high standard and in top working order.

It is a USCG regulation that children 12 and under MUST wear a life jacket at all times if outside on the boat.

Sea Sickness

This is very rare especially in the calm waters of bay, but can be an issue especially if your charter contains open ocean travel. If you are prone to sea sickness, please take precautions to prevent it – being sea sick is no fun.


We love them, but do not allow pets on-board with the exception of service animals. They could easily damage the vessel or fall overboard.

Can I Steer?

If the vessel traffic is not heavy and you are very nice to the captain and crew, this could be a possibility. It is at the captains discretion.

Fishing Charters

We do not offer fishing charters per say. It is just not our business, however there are many charters business in town that specialize in this. If however, you wish to do a little fishing while on your charter this is fine. You will need to brings your our equipment and arrange for the appropriate licenses.

Do I need a Captain

We need to have a licensed captain responsible for the vessel. If however someone in your party holds a USCG license and has experience with this type and size of vessel, it may be possible to just charter the boat. If this is the case ask us.

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