Star of India in San Diego

A favorite destination among San Diego sightseers is the Star of India, known to be the "oldest active sailing ship" in the world and also one of the most haunted! Star of India - Oldest Sailing Ship The Star of India’s precarious life began in 1863, birthed in the...

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Cruise Ship – Vacation Choice For Fun

Cruise ship - this is what often what one thinks about before going on vacation, thoughts wander to taking a cruise -- or maybe to going to San Diego. For some people, it stops right there. Why don’t we go for a cruise from San Diego? After all, we could go on a...

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Over The Line Tournament – OTL

At first glance perhaps only those from Southern California will understand how important the BYOB is for OTL, I’ll explain the SOS in just a moment. First, the OTL’s FAQ’s and why BYOB, or Bring Your Own (non-glass) Booze/Bottle/Beer, is such great news for serious...

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