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We have a large variety of charter yachts for your comfort. We have four listed on this site but use almost two dozen regularly. The yacht for your event will depend on the number of people, charter location, and desired yacht features. All vessels are in TOP condition – meeting or exceeding Coast Guard standards – we take safety seriously.

40 ft Yacht

Speed: 7 knots
Salon: Enclosed
Washroom: Yes

This is our most frequently selected yacht for sea burial. It is in pristine condition and very comfortable. The vessel has a walk-through feature to get to the front of the boat. Because it is a catamaran, it is very stable and large enough to accommodate everyone. Families enjoy sitting on the bow with the wind in their hair. On this yacht, you will have a wonderful ash-scattering experience full of memories. It features upgraded carpeting, comfortable inside the cabin, and has a washroom for your comfort.

58 ft Catamaran

Speed: 9 knots
Salon: Enclosed
Washroom: Yes (2)
Capacity: 48 people

One of our favorite charter yachts for larger groups. It easily accommodates larger groups both inside as well as outside. It has ample room for services, seating for older individuals and TVs for video tributes . This yacht is great for catering and also has a full bar. Since it is a catamaran with two pontoons it is very stable and very rare for families to experience motion sickness. It can operate under both sail and power. If you were going to Hawaii you would want to go on this charter yacht – You will love this yacht!

Our 58′ catamaran is a true nautical beauty. The double hull provides for greater stability making for a pleasant voyage.

Our interior seating area is luxurious and comfortable. It has ample room for all of your guests.

One of the best ways to enjoy a catamaran is from it’s bow. This is a comfortable seating area just over the water.

We can do just about any type of catering you prefer and have a varity of restaurant and caters to select from.

Enjoy the views of the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean from our covered deck area.

Here is our galley on the catamaran. It has a full bar and makes for a perfect entertaining space.

The salon features an additional sleeping and seating area to accommodate your guests.

65 ft Aluminum

Speed: 8 knots
Salon: Enclosed
Washroom: Yes (2)
Capacity: 120 people

Was initially built as a passenger ferry to take people from Los Angeles to Catalina Island by the Wrigley family.  It services the areas around Mission Bay, Mission Beach and La Jolla. It is very large and stable with several sitting areas both inside and out as well as on the top deck. Great place for a gathering with microphone.  Full bar and catering is available.  Easy access to board.

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