Basking under the Californian sun, Shelter Island offers a peaceful retreat right in the heart of bustling San Diego. Ever dreamed of a spot where peace wraps around you like a soft blanket? That dream lives here amid sweeping vistas by the sea, pathways cradled by nature’s beauty, and an ambiance crafted purely for easeful days. On Shelter Island, life slows down among the scenic waterfront restaurants and marinas. Perhaps you fancy a yacht charter.

If basking in golden sunsets over dinner or catching winds for an ocean voyage sounds like your kind of day, then welcome to Shelter Island. The heartthrob of Southern California’s coastlines that promises pure enjoyment and tranquility wrapped up in nature’s finest views.


Oasis by the Sea

West of downtown, you’ll find a charming, nautical sub-community of Point Loma called Shelter Island. Actually, it’s not a true “island.” Once upon a time, it was just a natural sandbar in San Diego Bay, visible only at low tide.

Shelter from the Storm

Before 1953, this land did not exist. To shield and protect boats from wicked weather, storms and high waves, it was built up into dry land by dredging material from the bay in 1934. Today it provides a breakwater for hundreds of private sailboats and yachts. Whether you’re a sailor, fisherman, or landlubber, Shelter Island has a little something for everyone.

Shelter Island Marina

Wanderlust on the Water

Summer’s the perfect time to set sail for whale watching! Feel the calm caress of the sea breeze as you bear witness to the migration of the Blue Whales. Lording over the ocean, these gentle giants are far away, the largest animals ever to exist. They are four times the size of a killer whale, yet able to cruise at almost 14 mph (double that speed when threatened).

Fish ON

For an exceptional catch, make your way to Shelter Island in sunny California – it’s a fisher’s paradise. Fishermen head to California’s scenic coasts, lured by the promise of hauling in an eclectic mix from the ocean’s bounty. From its tranquil bays to the deep-sea thrills just offshore, Shelter Island boasts a variety of fishing experiences. These are sure to satisfy both novice and seasoned fishermen alike. Whether casting lines from its scenic piers or chartering a boat for an offshore expedition, anglers can expect to encounter a bounty of species, including bass, halibut, yellowtail, and more. Imagine casting your line amidst the beauty of Shelter Island, where every angler, beginner or pro, finds an unmatched fishing paradise. 

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

The Yokohama Friendship Bell in Shelter Island

With the din of sea lions and foghorns as your soundtrack…you can take in the blue vastness and glittering skyline on foot. Take a stroll or bike ride on the many lush, walking paths. Or slip off your shoes, and kickback with a picnic along Shoreline Park.

Be sure to visit the landmark, Yokohama Friendship Bell located on the most Western cul de sac of Shelter Island. In 1958, this large bronze bell monument was gifted to San Diego by the City of Yokohama. It was a symbol of the Centennial Celebration of formal relations between Japan and the United States. The first such affiliation on the West coast.

After a day on the bay, treat yourself to an awesome Mai Tai at Bali Hai Restaurant on the northern tip of Shelter Island. This Polynesian hotspot “tiki temple” is one of the largest and first of its kind on the planet!


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