Most of us already know that the growing popularity across the globe has caused the San Diego Convention Center to bust its seams! For those of us that live in America’s Finest City, being hospitable and sharing our hometown as a vacation destination with more than 33 million visitors annually, and turning people away for such a notorious event is just not possible, and with the support of the California Coastal Commission, the mega expansion project for the San Diego Convention Center is on track to break ground at the beginning of 2015-months away!

Sparing no expense, the last estimate of cost for the project is around $520 million, which includes not only the convention center itself but also the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. With San Diego being a top tourist destination, the local economy relies upon and caters to this visiting community. Tourism employs more than 165,000 San Diegans and deposits $8.4 billion every year.


San Diego Comic-Con is estimated at 130,000

Attendance for the popular San Diego Comic-Con is estimated at 130,000, and tickets sell out early and are highly coveted by steadfast devotees and fans of the famed event. This year is the 45th anniversary of San Diego Comic-Con and the already sold out event begins July 24th and runs until July 27th.

With the San Diego Convention Center “maxed out” for this event, real attendance has grown beyond 130,000 which includes people attending “satellite locations” and local hotels and parks. Besides the convention itself held at the gi-normous Exhibit Hall (right now is over 460,000 sq. ft.) there is a film festival, film screenings, art shows and award ceremonies.

The most impressive visual features of the expanded San Diego Convention Center is the expansive and first of its kind (on the waterfront) 5 acre rooftop park!

Expanding the outdoor activity space is part of the reason this project has been met with overwhelming public support and will also create a one-of-a-kind waterfront the welcomes everyone, local resident and tourist to stay (outside) and play! The weather and water(front) in San Diego are two sources of great pride- playing outdoors, be it for sports or relaxing, is a way of life and a lifestyle here. Local or tourist, everyone living in and visiting San Diego enjoys the sights and activities, and honestly, there’s no better view of the city from the water (hint: where there’s never any traffic!). Seeing the skyline from the San Diego Harbor is an absolute must for anyone visiting the area, for business, an event like Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center and especially for pleasure!

San Diego Downtown Night

San Diego Convention Center Expanding

While the San Diego Convention Center Expansion Project is barely underway, another facet of the overall transformation of San Diego’s Waterfront is close to completion, just last week the Port of San Diego hosted a private tour of the North Embarcaderos Visionary Plan Phase I, which also includes the opening of public spaces in the area and public promenade, park areas sprinkled with inspiring works of art and invigorating panoramic views. San Diego Bay is expanding its horizons and welcoming everyone (local or not) to witness the progressive, inviting, and beautiful changes taking place along the waterfront, taking a boat tour is really the best way to see it all and get some great photography!

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