If a San Diego Engagement is crossing your mind than warm, tropical summer breezes, endless days and ideal weather in America’s Finest City may be inspiring you to do something romantic with and for someone special.  The tedious truth is that creating romance often takes effort and planning, but is well worth the time and money for lasting results.  Confessing your love to someone is an important occasion, and creating a dreamy date to do so demonstrates that you care about the fine points and pay attention to the details. If you are fortunate enough to be in a serious relationship you may be considering popping the question, as a result even more pressure goes into the planning.  Let us take care of the details!

San Diego Engagement – Setting is Important

June is often filled with wedding invitations which reignite the torch of romance anew and the word engagement appears.  Most of us have seen lavish proposals, often that go “not as planned”.  Coming up with the setting is the most important place to start in designing romance or planning a marriage proposal. Equally important is crafting the words to say that will lead you to one knee and a jubilant acceptance. You should take extra precautions in eliminating all external factors that could interfere with the perfect proposal – make your San Diego engagement perfect.

Private Yacht Charter Engagement

Walks on the beaches and sharing picturesque sunsets with hopes of catching our green flash phenomenon are parts of our lives in San Diego and not just a “line” for a dating website. A scenic chartered yacht tour on the San Diego Bay with your loved one is a new way to enjoy the sunset, ocean, panoramic views and create the perfect opportunity to carry out your surprise engagement.  A professional captain of your very own Love Boat is included and arrangements can be made for everything from flowers, candles, and champagne, to a serenade with the glowing city lights as the backdrop. Inviting your family and closest friends as witnesses, participants and photographers (or videographers) of the special moment is also a great idea. Alternately, if you prefer solitude, the ultimate romantic privacy that goes unmatched on dry land can be found aboard a luxury yacht with San Diego Boat Tours.

Here are some points of interest on the tour that may inspire your memorable proposal.

  • The Coronado Bridge “This ring symbolizes the bridge to my happiness and our future”
  • The Hotel Del Coronado “Timeless and magical this ring symbolizes the landmark of the love we share”
  • Have us do a discrete video or even broadcast it live on the net and have family and friends be watching.

Just one more piece of advice-Don’t forget the ring!

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Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.  (Henry Van Dyke – American author -1853 – 1933)


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