One Chance to Make a First Impression

As the expression says, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,”.  The business world has only become more competitive in recent years, and the chance of being allowed a second impression are almost non-existent.  This also sometimes presents a problem for today’s online companies, for the actual physical location of the business and its offices may be less than ideal.  Luckily, it is possible for even a small business to project a “large business” image.  Having a meeting on a private yacht is about as good as you can get with the “good impression” factor.

Companies need to make every contact count, treating every interaction as an event that can either make or break any aspiring business relations.  The traditional routine of taking a potential client to a fancy restaurant for an expensive meal is an old and tired method. Safe route to use but nothing that will truly impress.  This is question to ask.  In a business world of fewer and fewer second chances, do you use your resources to make a unique impression on a client.  The answer is to think beyond normal blasé procedure.  Instead, plan a meeting environment that fosters feelings of good business, branching out while being inspired by the care of traditional roads.

Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future. It is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight. (Henry R. Luce 1898 – 1967 a magazine publisher)

Catered Business Meeting

Meals remain a very important part of human-to-human trust and interaction. They allow business contacts to bring down certain social barriers to allow more personable professional interaction.  The traditional “business meal” can be updated with a new environment.  For instance, having a business meeting on a yacht allows for a classy update and healthy change of venue.

Imagine a small corporate meeting on a private yacht.  You are sitting in the sun room overlooking the water and have a view of downtown San Diego. Not a bad setting for a meeting.  The calm of the ocean encourages freedom and confidence for all parties involved, and meetings can be catered to ensure full comfort for both client and host.  The combination of meal and beverage options in a beautiful environment is bound to help. Those  involved will be relaxed, open-minded, and more productive with the business items at hand.

Hosting a business-related function on a yacht also communicates to a potential or current client that your company values the client.  You do not take your business relationship with them lightly.  Ensure that you make the impression most appropriate for your style of business. San Diego Boat Tours offers yacht charters in various sizes and accommodations, allowing you to further control the impression you wish to give your clients.  A private yacht allows you to keep the business bonds that are forged over sharing a meal. Show the client you value their time and comfort.

Corporate Meeting to Impress

If you are looking for San Diego meeting space – give us a call.  We can arrange a meeting at the dock or take the yacht out for a tour of San Diego Bay.  This venue is available for all businesses, large and small. Great for that special place in order to impress a client or just desire a day out of the office.  San Diego Boat Tours provides a unique business option that is both relaxing and affordable.

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