San Diego Boat Tours provides yacht charter services for people of various faiths Buddhist,Hindu, Christian and many more.  This past weekend we had several groups of Buddhist Monks performing ash scattering services for families.  In all, we had about 100 people out on the yacht for the ash scattering service.

Buddhist Ash Scattering

After all participants boarded the yacht we headed out to the ocean.  during the voyage the monks chanted continously.  This funeral ceremony, Buddhists believe, guarantees eternal peace to the departed soul.  At the appointed time the yacht haulted and the monks gradually released the cremains into the ocean – praying all the time.

Buddhism, while indigenous to India, is now practiced through the world with large number of participants in Asia.  The number of adherents worldwide is estimated at around 1/2 billion.  The goal of Buddhism is to give insights to help sentient beings end suffering through eliminating ignorance and craving by understanding.

Buddhism as a religious movement is more concerned with a moral life and the attainment of enlightment than the funeral rituals.  It teaches that after the passing of an individual that only matter is left and that how the remains are disposed of has no bearing on the soul of the departed love one.  With this said we do perform many buddhist ash scattering on our yachts.


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