It is notably the largest homegrown event in San Diego (San Diego Comic Con). Every year 130,000 people flock to the San Diego Region and populate the Convention Center for what has become the internationally renowned premiere event San Diego Comic Con filling the area to capacity. This over 4 decade running event is now considered an elite four day showcase of wide ranging representation that began as a group of San Diegans “Golden State Comic Book Convention” back in 1970 to what now includes anime, magna, web comics, and a range of other pop culture influenced vendors, professionals and exhibitors and their arts.

Stan Lee - Comic Con

Stan Lee – Comic Con

While it is generally known that not just anyone is able to attend this spectacular celebration, sought after badges are likened to the elusive kryptonite, it does bring people to the area on a global scale. Even though  the subject matter is purely for entertainment value, Comic Con is nothing close to comical for those in the industry, which has grown to bringing $163 million to the San Diego region, $30 million of which is in hotel occupancy!

San Diego Comic Con – Stared in the 1970’s

Jonny Depp - Comic Con

Jonny Depp in The Lone Ranger

Starting with only 140 attendees back in 1970, to filling the San Diego Convention Center to the max is quite an accomplishment that speaks for itself for the local San Diegans that started the now non-profit Comic Con International: San Diego (SDCC). Since this event is planned by attendees well in advance, those that come to the area will also take advantage of being in San Diego and taking in the sights and sounds, food and drink and even take in a tour of the area. Close by to the San Diego Convention Center you can hop on a boat or yacht and see the best  tour of San Diego available right on the bay featuring local landmarks and flawless photo ops!

San Diego Comic Con – Survival Tips

For those that are lucky enough to attend the Comic Con 2013 this July 18-21 some helpful survival tips and reminders are worth revisiting and for everyone else, a taste of what the experience has to offer is detailed for you.

  • Pack your patience. No pushing, or trampling is allowed and personal space is compromised. Be prepared to wait in long lines for the “free items and giveaways” that they may or may not have any left of.
  • Don’t ask for more than your share of “free stuff” and don’t barter for more, and don’t take what you don’t really want “just because”.
    Make friends (booths and patrons), favors will usually be reciprocated.
  • Don’t stand in the flow of traffic or stop to take pictures or use your phone in walkways.
  • Don’t get lost, have a plan, pace yourself.

Most of this is common sense preparation for large crowds, yet the simple “Play Nice” rules are often forgotten when our senses are stimulated and we are excited.  San Diego has so much to offer in the priceless entertainment category, making the experience linger is well worth it. Taking time to explore San Diego, even if you are a local in need of a “staycation”, it’s the perfect opportunity to end your day with a serene, peaceful cruise around the San Diego Bay.  Some of the coolest things to do from a local point of view are;

  • Torry Pines Glider Port – hand glide if you like but the view up and down the coast is incredable from the cliffs
  • La Jolla Shores – walk/swiw/surf/scuba at this great beach – perhaps the leopard sharks are in – so snorkle with them.
  • La Jolla Downtown – walk around and be sure the see the sea lions at the Children’s Pool.
  • San Diego Bay – take a yacht or boat around the bay – give us a call at San Diego Boat Tours for private chaters.

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I was homeless and I was in San Diego and I started singing in a local coffee shop and people started coming to hear me sing –
Jewel Kilcher (American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actress and poet)




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