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Biodegradable Urns for Sea Burial

Biodegradable urns are appropriate for family who do not wish to see the cremains disperse in the ocean. This may be for a variety of reasons such as personal preference, aesthetics or religious beliefs. Some religious beliefs prefer for the cremains to be kept together – not scattered. The use of a biodegradable urn can help with this.

Biodegradable urns come in a variety of shape, sizes and are made from materials such as paper materials, other salt, sand, gelatin etc. Some are more appropriate in specific instances than others and we will be happy to help you select the one that is best for you. There are many decision to be made regarding ash scattering process. As well there are many benefits to scattering ashes at sea.

Regardless of the urn selected it is designed to degrade completely and this environmentally friendly. Some urns degrade faster than others but all should degrade with 24 hr.

Not all biodegradable urns may be appropriate the be placed in the water. Some urns are only intended for land user, so be sure you have the appropriate type of urn if your intention is to do a burial at sea. It is not uncommon for families to bring the wrong type of urn on the yacht if they did not purchased the urn from us.

Funerals Your Way – Our sister Company

To further support our families, in addition to our San Diego scattering at sea service, we have established a funeral home San Diego Funerals Your Way (FD: 2188). We are  licensed in California to assist families with complete funeral home services ( cremation, burial etc).

Our families have the convenience of only dealing with one provider.  As well as simple cremation, Funerals Your Way offers the complete range of funeral services including traditional burial.

We try to make a difficult time easier.
Funerals Your Way offers full funeral services in the San Diego area
Funerals  Your  Way

Examples of Biodegradable Urns 

Biodegradable Urns – are another sea burial option the family may wish to use. They are sustain-ably produced in a variety of natural materials, including recycled paper, salt, gelatin and sand. The paper type urns will float briefly and sink gracefully. Prices range from around $160 to $400. Although they were designed for water burial at sea, all of these urns can also be used for earth burial. The biodegradable turtle below is a very popular item with our families.

Bio-Degradable Salt Urn for Burial at Sea
Bio-Degradable Turtle Urn for Burial at Sea
Bio-Degradable Urn - Paper - for Burial at Sea


The Serenity series Biodegradable urns come as plain basic, with a lotus leaf or a dolphin. Families absolutely love these urns.

The top is removable, and the cremains are placed in a biodegradable bag in the bowl. The top of the urn is then reattached. These urns float for an average time and gradually sink beneath the waves

Serenity Series Biodegradable urns

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