Ash Scattering and sea burial harmony

Benefits of Ash Scattering and Sea Burial

Letting go by way of water allows both an unforgettable tribute and tender healing, embracing family members in their journey through grief. Thee are many benefits of ash scattering or sea burial.

Laying loved ones to rest in the ocean does double duty. It saves valuable terrestrial spaces while avoiding contaminating practices tied up with ground burials. It is a peaceful send-off for those deeply connected with marine splendor aiming for minimal planetary harm.

Emotional / Psychological – Scattering or full body

An ocean funeral offers a beautiful and natural way to pay your last respects to a departed loved one. It’s often chosen by people connected with the ocean such as sailors or surfers.  Additionally, sea burial can help minimize environmental footprint. Burial on land consumes valuable space while using chemicals like embalming fluid that damage our ecosystems.

Both scattering of cremains as well as full body burial are possible in the ocean. At full body sea burials, your loved one’s body will be placed into the ocean where it can decompose naturally as part of marine ecosystems. It’s all about giving back even in departure. Skipping over the traditional burial route saves land and cuts down on pollution from those everlasting caskets and stone linings we’re used to.

Full body sea burials are both eco-friendly and respectful of your loved one, often attended by close family and friends of both parties involved. At such ceremonies, memories may be shared.  Family and friends take turns remembering your departed loved one and reflecting upon their legacy. It can be an emotional moment when their coffin descends or ashes are scattered into the ocean depths. We perform full body burial through our sister company Funerals Your Way.


Rose petals floating on ocean surface after ash scattering
Full body burial at sea

Full Body Sea Burial – Profound

For those seeking solace after loss, committing their beloved into the deep blue brings peace. There’s something profoundly respectful and picturesque about choosing water as one’s final resting place. At the ceremony, families may offer prayers or share stories or simply take time out to remember and honor their departed loved one. Scattering flower petals or mementos across the water as part of this final tribute is also frequently done as an act of respect and memorialization.

Sea burial offers more cost-effective options for some families than traditional funerals do. It doesn’t necessitate purchasing an expensive casket and related expenses such as funeral home and embalming services fees.

Some individuals may worry that full-body sea burial can harm marine ecosystems. When conducted correctly it can actually be an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to land burials. By choosing biodegradable shrouds instead of embalming for burials or eliminating embalming needs altogether. Both of these negative impacts on the environment as well as space needs are reduced significantly.

Be mindful that full-body burials at sea must only occur at locations designated by maritime authorities. The burials must also adhere to an elaborate protocol for placing bodies safely into the sea. Also, any sea burial must take place at least three nautical miles off shore to protect our surroundings and environment from pollution.

Ash Scattering at Sea

When someone dies, it is essential to provide comfort for their family and pay tribute to their memory. A sea burial can be an effective way of doing just this. However a number of details do need to be considered beforehand in order to make this event run smoothly and safely. First and foremost is choosing an appropriate boat which can hold as many guests as are attending. As well,  make sure their ashes are scattered legally and responsibly.

Traditional burial practices often create pollution and use up land resources. Sea funerals offer families an eco-friendly option to honor their loved ones while protecting the planet. Some families choose to use biodegradable urns when scattering ashes to keep the ashes intack during the ash scattering process.  Ash scattering at sea leaves far less pollution behind than grave sites typically do.

Going with a sea funeral means getting things done more quickly and avoiding any chance of polluting the soil. An all-too-common side effect in conventional burial practices due to decomposing materials leaking into surrounding lands.

An eco-friendly sea funeral reduces chemical use and non-biodegradable casket use. There is less pollution of waters by not necessitating concrete or metal urns that harm marine life.

Legal Requirement for Sea Burial

Sea burial can be an exquisite, memorable choice. It is a good choice for individuals who love the ocean or wish to pay respects to loved ones with an emotionally moving goodbye ceremony. However, it is crucial that individuals first understand all legal and environmental considerations surrounding this alternative funeral option before selecting it as their final option.

permit for burial

Because our sister company (Funerals Your Way) is a California licensed funeral home, we are very famililiar with all the legal required and permit involved. Let us Help!.

Full body burial at sea requires using a specific coffin that sinks rather than being washed ashore. I needs to meet stringent regulations to safeguard ocean environments and fishing areas. The body may or may not be embalmed prior to placement into the casket. Family members may participate in this momentous occasion by helping lower it into the waters with dignity and respect. This is a solemn event – dignified and meaningful.

The ocean floors are bustling with action thanks to marine snow—dead matter turning nutritious for aquatic lives. What’s incredible is this chain reaction doesn’t stop here. By feasting on these remnants, sea critters aid us land-dwellers by drawing down harmful carbon dioxide amounts in their watery realms. Furthermore, cemeteries take up land that could otherwise be used more productively. Many people opting for sea burial for its environmental benefits as well as its sense of peace and serenity. This makes this option highly personalized for those searching for meaningful final resting places.

Conclusion – benefits of ash scattering or sea burial

Laying a loved on to rest in the oceans, either full body or scattering of ashes, is a very healing experience. As the cost of tradition funerals and cemetery plots get more expensive, sea burial is becoming more common.

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