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San Diego Bay Sightweeing - Day or night charters

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

Sightseeing yacht charters will provide you with much of the history of San Diego, from its discovery in September 28, 1542 by Guatemala explorer. A great place to get a view of San Diego Bay is at Cabrillo Naton Park at the end of Point Loma. There is a statue of Juan there.

The port which he discovered, later to be called San Diego Bay, he named San Miguel. His ship more than likely anchored at Ballast Point, just beside what is now the Navy Submarine dry dock. He stayed in the area for only 6 days before continuing to sail up the coast.

Information is provided on landmarks (man made as well as natural), aircraft carriers (of which San Diego has 3 USS Reagan, USS Nimitz and USS Carl Vinson) as well as other military and civilian craft, marine animals, and birds etc. We usually visit the several dozen sea lions in the bay. We cover many of the current items of interest from the end of Point Loma to Glorietta Bay (beyond the Coronado Bridge).


San Diego Yacht Charter - Point Loma Sightseeing

Day Yacht Charters on San Diego Bay

Beautiful Scenery Awaits


Natural Coastal Vistas

There are many points of interest on San Diego Bay and during your charter we will do our best to cover many of them – this area is very rich in history and sightseeing information.

The following is a very interesting article on Point Loma Light House written by a relative of the original light keeper. The Light House is open for visitors and the area provides an incredible view of San Diego Bay.

Toward the end of Point Loma is Fort Rosecrans, a national cemetery, where over 91,000 soldiers are buried. You will be able to see the white crosses from the yacht. Other tour highlights are the submarine base, Star of India, nuclear aircraft carriers, North Island Air Station, downtown San Diego, Coronado bridge as well as other attractions. San Diego’s past is full of various industies and communities for example, at different times Ballast Point was home to both Chinese fishing villages as well as a whaling station. Fragments of pottery as well as whle bone have been found at this site.


Party Sightseeing Yacht Charter - Fun in the Sun

There are generally dozens of various types of boats on San Diego Bay (sailboats, kayaks, military boats and tugs) to name only a few. It is common to view aircraft carriers as well as submarines coming and leaving the bay. There will also be lots of wildlife (sea lions, seals, birds etc) and we will be able to get very close (so close to the sealions that you will be able to smell them), so bring your camera as you are sure to get some great pictures. The  Star of India , an icon on the San Diego waterfront. It is the oldest still active sailing ship in the world (being built in 1863), she has 21 circumnavigations under her keel!

This charter can be customized to accommodate your wishes and could even include a short anchoring, so you can just sit back and watch the world go by.

Let us know your wishes, we will be happy to customize the charter for you.

Remember you are reserving the entire yacht, so you have complete flexibility in what you are able to do.


Night Yacht Charters on San Diego Bay

Gliding over the peaceful calm waters you are almost flying.

City lights glistening in the background. It is magical!

San Diego Bay is beautiful at night and we offer both dusk and night charters on the bay. These night charters are a perfect venue for both business functions as well as personal events. A night charter will create lasting memories of peaceful water and beautiful city lights which will be remembered for years to come. The lights of the city are truly fabulous at night.

These peaceful charters will slowly cruise many areas of the bay, some areas which may be visited are La Playa (also know as America’s cup Harbor), Shelter Island, Harbor Island, downtown San Diego and Glorietta Bay.

Anchoring for a short period to watch the boats come and go is also possible.  During the summer months the San Diego Symphony has the series the Summer Pops.  Attending one of these by yacht is a real treat, as it is just so peaceful gentle floating in the water listening to the concert  This was taken in early July at a concert.

Summer Pops Concert

Summer Pops Concert

Evening and night charters are often catered, so let us know if you are interested in this. If you like something special please let us know at the time of booking and we will be happy to customize the charter for you.

Evening and night charters are operated throughout the year, but starting and ending times vary depending on the season. The yacht can be enclosed and heated, so you will be very comfortable.