Yacht Management Program

In today’s financial environment every dollar counts, so why not have your yacht to make money when you are not using it? Most yachts just sit in their slip over 95% of the time and they are a large financial drain. We are looking for power yachts in good shape that can be rented by our clients. This could mean substantial tax saving to you, as well as income from the yacht rental.

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We are looking for power yachts of various sizes, anything from 22 ft to 80 ft. We get calls from clients for all types of charters and they are looking for all types of yachts, so give us a call. We will go over with you the intended use of your yacht and how often you would like it rented.

You have nothing to loose as our yacht management program is free!

Placing Your Yacht in Charter – Benefits

  • Generate income from your yacht when you are not using it (up 30% – 50% of charter rate).
  • Tax advantages (second home deductions, section 179). These deductions can be up to $250,000
  • We clean your yacht before and after charters and inspect regulatory.
  • Discounted fuel rates.
  • Monthly statement sent to you (along with your check)

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