Summer Pops Concerts

Anchoring for a short period to watch the boats come and go is also possible. During the summer months the San Diego Symphony has the series the Summer Pops. Attending one of these by yacht is a real treat, as it is just so peaceful gentle floating in the water listening to the concert. This was taken in early July at a concert.

Summer Pops - Concert on San Diego Bay

Summer Pops – Concert on San Diego Bay

Evening and night charters are often catered, so let us know if you are interested in this. If you like something special please let us know at the time of booking and we will be happy to customize the charter for you.

Massage on a Charter Yacht in the Bay

If you are looking for something very special, how about massage on a yacht. It does not get any better than that. We can accommodate all sizes of groups and can either do the traditional massage as you see here, or perhaps just foot and sholder massage for larger groups. We are making massage available through 2GoSpa available for your yachting pleasure. They provide the highest quality day spa treatments, therapists and organic products to relax and heal clients in the comfort of their own homes or in this case yacht.  Check out the massage video.

Various company celebrations, meetings, seminars and convention and other corporate events, can use our spa services to complement other event activities. It will not only add a touch of class to your events, it will also make it an enjoyable and memorable one!

Humphreys Concerts on the Bay

Humphreys is a very unique concert venue in its own right, but there is nothing quite like attending by boat.  Depending on the performer’s popularity for the evening, there can be anywhere from a few to several dozen kayaks, canoes, dingys, etc. watching from the water.  Everyone just ties off to each other and floats together in front of the concert in a group. The sound is great and the experience is AWESOME. Concerts take place during the warmer months of the year from April thru October.

Humphreys Concerts cover the full spectrum of musical entertainment from folk to jazz, country to rock.  The performers are a who’s who of the industry such as Jewel, Doobie Brothers, America, and many others.

Catalina Island Adventures (Multi-Day)

A yacht charter to Catalina Island, or the Caribbean of the north as it has been called is just a great getaway. The Island is 21 miles long and only 8 miles wide at it widest point. It is approximately 76 miles from San Diego and will take us about 8 hours to cruise there.

It is a great trip over with plenty of wildlife to see. Almost always, we encounter a pod of dolphins that enjoy playing in the bow wake of the yacht, You can stand of the bow of the boat and be within 3 feet of them. It is a wonderful experience and one you will want to get pictures of.

If you do not have much time to spend with us then flying in is possible and we can make prior arrangements for the yacht to meet at Catalina Island when you arrive.

There is much to see and do, as well as some good restaurants. Your captain can give you recommendations so you can maximize the use of your time. As you may imagine Catalina has a lot to market to tourists.

There are 2 main towns on Catalina. The one shown above is Avalon. It is where most of the tourists go and where the shops and restaurants are. If you are interested in something more of a get away, there is Two Harbors on the other end of the island. Two Harbors has one restaurant, one hotel and two small bars. It is the quite end of the island and many people who often come to the island come here.

There are several websites for information on the island. One of the nicest is Visit Catalina Island which has a web cam with zoom options for many island locations.

Interesting Catalina History

In 1924 a film company brought 14 bison to the Island to make a movie and left them behind. Today the Catalina Island Conservancy manages the herd and keeps their numbers at about 200.

Actress Marilyn Monroe lived on the Island for a year and a half during WWII when her husband James Dougherty, a lieutenant in the Merchant Marine, was stationed in Avalon.

As a youth, famous WWII leader and four-star general George S. Patton Jr. spent his summers on Catalina Island.

Many scenes in the movie Mutiny on the Bounty with Clark Gable and Charles Laughton, were filmed at Two Harbors in 1935.

If you still want a bit more privacy and natural surrounding we can head out the some the outer islands such as Santa Barbara.

3 Day Trip to Catalina

This is a special on our 40 ft. yacht which has 2 MASTER STATEROOMS (each bedroom sleeps one couple). Leave early morning of first day, arrive around 5 hours later, Includes can at Avalon or Twin Harbors. Free WIFI at the island. Generator. Once docked, the entire boat will be yours, however, the captain and crew will be available by cell phone or radio. Return on afternoon of 3rd day arriving back in port around 7 pm. Cost – $4,200. We can also do a similar trip to Ensenada, the Hotel Corral and Marina, for a similar price.

  • Add kayaks for FOUR – $400 for 3 days, includes paddles.
  • Add 4 person skiff for harbor hopping, exploration, or shore boat – $200
  • Add 4 person stand up paddle board rental – $400
  • Add catered food
  • Add 4 person island tour by skiff. Entire island circumference – $400

Wildlife Refuge Nature Cruise (Los Coronados)

The islands off San Diego that belong to Mexico (must have passports and Visas or we will help you obtain Visas). Our 40 foot yacht can take up to six passengers. 6 hours- $895

The Coronado Islands are actually a Mexican wildlife refuge and humans are not allowed to go ashore. Animals thrive there. There are colonies of gulls, pelicans, petrels and sea ducks, and the largest known colony of the rare Xantus’s Murrelet.

Ten species of reptiles and amphibians are also found in the islands, as well as two types of land mammals, rabbits and mice. Sea mammals are plentiful and it is not uncommon to see groups of sea lions, seals, sea otters and elephant seals.

Today nature tours have taken their place alongside the fishermen and divers and snorkelers in being attracted to the Coronados. Los Coronados and participants have a chance to spot whales, dolphins, harbor seals, sea lions and kelp forests, including a visit to one of only two elephant seal rookeries within 300 miles.

California Coast Exploration

Perhaps you would like to explore the coast of California and the various wonderful marinas as you work your way “up the hill” as the delivery boat skippers say. A kind of “Marina de Jour“.

The marinas as you go up the coast are Oceanside (about 30 miles from San Diego). After that is it Dana Point, Long Beach, Marina del Rey Harbor, Ventura/Oxnard, Santa Cruz Island, Redondo Beach King Harbor, Newport Beach. It may also be nice to take a quick trip over to Catalina, since you will be pass so near it.

The marinas lining the coast are very picturesque and each have a variety of activities and events scheduled throughout the year.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information and recommendations designed to fit you schedule and interests.

Charter at the Dock

We also make the yacht available to use only at the dock. This makes it a perfect venue for business meetings, small parties and the like. There has been plenty of room and the space on the yacht is broken up, so guests congregate in different locations.

There is an incredible view of downtown San Diego which your guests will remember for years.

You can enjoy sitting in our enclosed sundeck with drinks or watch a video on your flat screen hi-def televisions (we have two).

Anchoring in San Diego Bay – On the Hook

Most humans constantly strive to make their lives easier and thus hope to make their lives happier.  Although it is the hope that modern technology will help achieve this, the evidence seem to be the contrary.  Although certainly granting many benefits, our fast paced society seems to drive us faster and faster.  How can we slow down and relax?  One answer to this is to reflect on the words of Henry David Thoreau written over 150 years ago;

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.

A simple way to get away from it all, at least for a short time, and experience the life that Thoreau was advocating, is to spend the night anchoring, or as boaters say “On the Hook.”  It is incredible relaxing and by turning your cell phone off, you have the opportunity to really get away from it all and back to nature.

There is a new term “Staycation” that may be applied to this.  As fuel prices continue to increase and the economy slumps, more people are staying close to home.  Having the advantage of living in San Diego gives you an incredible opportunity to take advantage of our regions natural beauty.

There are many places to anchor for the night in San Diego Bay and experience the peacefulness that the ocean has to offer.  Probably the authors’ favorite is Glorietta Bay, on the bay side of the hotel Del.  It is so peaceful during a summer night!  You will see the Coronado Bridge in the background as you gaze back toward San Diego.  Looking forward, toward the ocean, you will view the Hotel Del lit up, reminding you of a Russian city with its spires.  The water is calm and often there is a gentle breeze blowing.

A few of the larger tour boats slip quietly by with a few hundred strangers on board who are trying to experience the peace which you have found.  This is hard to do with the frenetic pace of the guests on board the behemoth.  In a few seconds it is gone and you are left alone with the gentle lapping of the waves on your hull.

Anchoring at night is a wonderful experience that really needs to be experience to be appreciated.  Reserve a yacht to experience it yourself.

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