There is no shortage of work and play opportunities in the coastal community of San Diego County. If you have not been aboard a boat or a large yacht around the bay yet, San Diego yacht charters are the best way to take it all in. The use of a yacht charter can be for business, as in hosting a meeting, project planning or for pleasure as in for sightseeing, a birthday party, or especially a romantic anniversary cruise.  As I write this we have a wedding charter taking place on one of our luxury yachts.

Memories Matter on a Yacht Charter

 Taking a cruise aboard a San Diego chartered yacht, your path to adventure, not only makes a great impression, but provides a lasting memory for either professional opportunities as well as sentimental moments, such as marriage proposals and anniversaries.

Most people would say the best parts of living near the ocean are undoubtedly the fiery Pacific sunsets, or breathing in the invigorating salty air, and the seemingly endless ways to physically enjoy the vast expanse -from playing on the shore, surfing the waves, or aboard a boat or even better on a comfortable and sleek majestic yacht.

Boat person or not, it would be a challenge to find someone that doesn’t at least appreciate the beauty, design and comfort of a yacht. For personal enjoyment or professional stature, there are many reasons a yacht is considered a pleasure craft, even for use as an office for conducting business meetings and corporate parties.

Think Outside the “Bored Room”

San Diego Boat Tours has several yachts available for different group sizes and purposes. We provide your choice of yachts. These can be fully equipped for corporate agendas. They  are easily designed to become your own intimate and luxurious private mobile escape vehicle. Either way, San Diego yacht charter provides a priceless impression, and lasting memory.


San Diego Boat Tours offers chartered yachts that are able to accommodate groups ranging from 2-49 persons and can be both motor driven along the planned route or sailed, for an utterly tranquil experience.

Getting out of the office has been found to be incrementally productive for business meetings, and getting ideas (and communication) flowing happens easily aboard a yacht-you remember field trips in school?   There’s a reason we all still fondly remember our own field trips, we learned new things and had a fun and interactive experience, much like being removed from the office, and land for that matter!



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