Living and working in San Diego has numerous advantages – corporate team building being one.  The weather and location provide for the best employee perks in the nation- often allowing for work and play to overlap in the region.

Besides the popular tourist moniker of being “America’s Finest City” and San Diego being known for its large military presence and world renowned attractions (i.e. Sea World, Lego Land, Wild Animal Park), etc.), for those of us that work here -every day often feels like a field trip day.

There’s plenty to brag about living in San Diego but the weather and proximity to the ocean are the two  most important factors all San Diegans will tell you are among the best benefits of living in “America’s Finest City”.

San Diego Corporate Team Building Opportunities

San Diego employers have every opportunity to provide for the best employee perks and team building opportunities in the country. From gifts of paragliding to cruises, go-kart racing and golf, to corporate retreats that focus on team building getting, the business of getting business done often involves a little play in San Diego.


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Corporate team building is often thought of as too expensive or even a waste of time, but the results and purpose of team building for companies (if done successfully) yield measurable results over a long period of time and are worth every penny for a cohesive and productive team.

Team building is an investment with a huge return in employee morale and job performance, and as reported by CNBC it’s best to “get out of the office”!

Using a yacht from charter fleet to conduct your corporate team building session (or even hold a meeting) not only provides the back drop for a breathtaking tour around the San Diego Bay, but offers an unrivaled real breath of fresh air, unmatched change of scenery from the office walls, and is at your fingertips with San Diego Boat Tours.

Corporate Team Building on a Tall Ship

San Diego Boat Tours provides different sized yachts for each groups particular need, all of which have varying capacities, but also all are fully equipped prestigious vessels that allow for catering to be provided aboard.

The ideal time allotment for most corporate team building sessions is 4 hours, or just a half day away from the office, easily justifiable! For sailing a minimum of three hours is recommended.

Besides corporate team building, working through plans (agendas, budgets, projects), conducting an important meeting or making a great impression are all ideal situations in which businesses should use the resources we have in San Diego, San Diego Boat Tours is the perfect way to accomplish your goals.

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