We all want to make our Mother’s proud; a good report card is no longer an option.  Mother’s Day is coming up and most likely you may be thinking of ordering the same old flowers and dreading getting a reservation at her favorite restaurant, while overpaying for poor service and rushed food.  Most of us know that getting Mom trinkets and knick knacks for Mother’s Day should be reserved for children, especially if handmade, and is just another thing to dust anyway. A Hallmark card with someone else’s eloquent poetry is (yawn) expected, or her signature perfume gift box -booorring! We all have busy lives, our own family, friends and work obligations and yet take this one day out of the year to show gratitude to the very person that brought us into this world.

Mother’s Day Yacht Charter

Thanks Mom

Mother’s Day Thanks – Yacht Charter

Finding your Mother something she doesn’t have and needs is like locating the missing sock from the laundry, an enigma.  Surprising Mom isn’t that easy anymore either, and when is the last time you made Mothers Day more of an adventure?  How about a relaxing afternoon where you didn’t have to lift a finger?  VIP treatment that you can enjoy as well sounds pretty good.  A scenic tour on a chartered yacht is a perfect way to make her feel like royalty, and celebrate the queen that she is. Our Mothers have a soft spot for memories, which are truly priceless.  By chartering a yacht around San Diego Bay, for 2-3 hours, you could have a picnic lunch, or hors d’oeuvres’ , with a backdrop like no other, a truly tailored afternoon or evening complete with an unforgettable experience.  Personalized, luxury, captain (in uniform) guided tour of the San Diego Bay, photo ops galore and a chance to guarantee you are the favorite child! Avoiding the madness and masses at restaurants while providing unmatched ambiance and attention is a gift you can both appreciate.  Special arrangements can also be made in advance for flowers, a photographer, catering, an ice sculpture or even a live guitarist.

This once a year opportunity to blow her knickers off won’t even cost you more than the fancy dinner and flowers you normally purchase. Depending on the amount of time you wish to schedule for a tour, usually 2-3 hours is best, this experience is reasonable and ultimately priceless.  You can also get the whole family together a divide the rate among siblings to schedule a group charter for Mom.   You will see lots of wildlife and if you are lucky have dolphins come over to play in the bow wake – you may even see some whales.

Mothers’s Day Sightseeing

From the deck of a private yacht, taking in the magnificent coastline and bay, the sights and sounds of nature, a reminder that all is good and peaceful in the world is a perfect way to show your one and only Mother exactly what she means to you. Schedule your private chartered yacht tour with San Diego Boat Tours early to guarantee availability.  There are a limited number of reservations available and it is very affordable 619-987-0663 for booking.


Join San Diego Boat Tours for a cruise to see all some of out natural resources in San Diego Bay on one of out luxury yachts.  Whether a private charter or a corporate event – you will be impressed by the beauty you see around you!

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All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. (Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States)


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