Why not get a Father’s Day Yacht Charter?  Father’s can be quite mysterious illusive creatures.  Sometimes routinely predictable, they never drop hints like mother’s do.  Coming up with a gift for him on holidays such as birthdays and Father’s Day, we are often left scratching our own heads with the same lost look Dad has when you ask him when his anniversary is.  Sure we can poke around the garage, probe with questions about recent interests, but often he is a man of little words or elaboration, it’s understood and respected.  Getting him golf clubs may get him out of the house making mom happy, but also may result in raising his blood pressure. The classic and emblematic tie or apparel of any kind is pretty much a goodwill gift, unless you truly have an understanding of his fashion sense and comfort requirements, and in San Diego we rarely wear ties anyway.

Father's Day

San Diego Father’s Day

Father’s Day Yacht Charter

Let’s face, we have all pretty much given up on getting our Dad’s that gift he really needs. He is a man of action and if he needs something he will get it himself. Making your father happy and relaxed for the day is always something he will make time to accommodate. Thinking about the “things” you could purchase for him would not compare to giving him peace and happiness, priceless, right? So where could you acquire these precious items?  How about a tour of the San Diego Bay on a boat?

Hiring a chartered cruise around the San Diego Bay for Father’s Day requires him to be a relaxed passenger and tranquil observer and experiencing an adventure. One topographical facet that makes San Diego “America’s Finest City” is the beautiful waterway and the infrastructure of the San Diego Bay and surrounding Pacific Ocean. Reserving a chartered yacht tour for Father’s Day is especially ideal for military buffs, with points of interest such as North Island Air Station, nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines, the famous Star of India and iconic Coronado Bridge.  Views of San Diego from aboard a chartered yacht make for an outstanding backdrop for photo opportunities, which makes this Father’s Day gift, one to last for years to come.

Fun for the Whole Family on a Yacht

Getting together and spending time with your father should not feel like it’s an obligation of your time or his.  This Father’s Day is an opportunity to think outside the box and away from dry land by reserving a chartered yacht tour. No matter what age you are, when Dad is happy so is the whole family and being able to facilitate that is an opportunity that the whole clan will appreciate and make you the favorite child for a day, priceless again!  Getting him his own yacht is sure to make him ecstatic, and perhaps give him a heart attack, giving him the experience is a sure way to communicate the same point, without the hefty price tag and health risks involved.

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I decided in my life that I would do nothing that did not reflect positively on my father’s life –
(Sir Sidney Poitier, is an American-born Bahamian actor, film director, author, and diplomat)



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