Ash Scattering at Sea Options

There are are several options which you may wish to add to your San Diego Burial at Sea charter. We can provide most anything you wish, so if you don’t see an option here which you wish, just ask. Over the years we have provided most everything you can imagine.

Video of Ash Scattering

The video may be as elaborate as you like. Some people wish a simple video of the yacht trip, ceremony and the actual scattering. Others wish something more elaborate with some post-production work to add music, narration and various types of fades.

We can take digital photos of the scattering and e-mail them to you, or send you a disk containing the photographs. We make sure that our photographer does not become obtrusive during the ceremony.

Both of these produce a lovely remembrance that captures the service for the future. The cost for this varies widely depending on what you wish.

Wreaths, Flowers or Leis for Scattering Options

Flowers and Wreaths may be added at your discretion, prices vary, depending upon the arrangements desired. With flowers that are going to be placed in the water remember that we are only able to put biodegradable items in the ocean.

If you are going to place wreaths in the water make sure that they are not held together with wire. Wreaths do provide a great focal point for viewing as they mark where the cremains were placed in the ocean after the cremains themselves have dissipated.

Leis are also a very nice touch. When a person takes the lei off and places it in the ocean it is said that they are giving love to the deceased.

Wreath with Yellow Roses for Scattering at Sea
Wreath of Red Roses for Scattering at Sea
Wreath with Purple flowers for Scattering at Sea

Bio-Degradable Urns

Biodegradable Urns – are another approach the family may wish to use. They are sustain-ably produced in a variety of natural materials, including recycled paper, salt, gelatin and sand. The paper type urns will float briefly and sink gracefully. Prices range from around $100 to $400. Although they were designed for water burial, all of these urns can also be used for earth burial.

Bio-Degradable Salt Urn for Scattering at Sea
Bio-Degradable Turtle Urn for Scattering at Sea
Bio-Degradable Urn for Scattering at Sea

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