Ash Scattering Methods for Sea Scattering

We would be happy to be of assistance in the scattering of your loved one – sending them on the final journey in grace, style and peace. We offer excellent service and being very near the ocean are able to offer very competitive prices for small and medium size family groups wishing to scatter ashes for Burial at Sea services.  There are a variety of ash scattering methods, but they generally break down into the three categories below.


Best Ways to Scatter Cremains at Sea

There are several way to scatter the cremains, some are better than others. Over the years we have discovered that two specific methods work best.

Ash Scattering in the OceanFamily’s Choice

The family’s choice of scattering method is entirely dependent on them. We generally suggest either the second or third option because it tends to be less messy. Scattering direcly from the container provided by the crematory from the deck of the yacht (several feet above the water) has a tendency to have the wind blow the cremains around. Something which is good to be avoided – if possible.

With ash scattering some families may choose to keep a portion of the ashes in various keepsake urns. These urns store approximately 1 cubic centimeter of remains. If you would like to keep some of the cremains in this manner, please let us know in advance. We will need to obtain a separate disposition permit covering each quantity of cremains.

Urns and Keepsake Urns

There are many places on the internet to purchase biodegradable and keepsake urns, but remember, it MUST be biodegradable. The urns range in price greatly from under $50 to several hundred. Let us know your wishes and we will be able to help you with suggestions.

  • Crematory Container – Using the Container Received from the Cremation Facility

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    The ashes are poured directly into the water on the down wind side of the yacht. With this type of scattering it is necessary to be careful that the ashes land in the water and do not get blown back or stuck to the side of the yacht. The yacht captain and your host will assist to help prevent this.
  • Bio-Degradable Urn:

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    These urns are specifically designed to gradually disperse the ashes back to the sea. A water-soluble urn will usually float for several minutes then slowly sink where it will degrade or melt back to the sea. The survivors will often toss flowers or petals as a final tribute as the urn slowly drifts away. It provides the family with a going into the sunset scenario.
  • A Special Container:

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    Your loved ones ashes are placed in the wicker basket with rose petals placed on top. The basket is then lowered to about to 2 feet below the water surface and the basket is inverted. The rose petals float to the surface and the ashes disperse in the ocean.

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