Shipping Ashes

If you are planning to have an attended burial at sea (ash scattering) then you mayjust bring the ashes with you the day of the charter. This is actually our preferrence since the creamins remain in your control. Even if you have decide to use a bio-degradable urn, we will be able to place the remains in the urn when you arrive on the yacht.

If you wish to have us scatter the ashes in you absence or will be viewing from shore, we will need to receive the ashes before or earlier on the day of the event. The easiest way is to just drop the ashes off at our office in person. If this is not possible, the ashes may be mailed. You will also have to complete this Ash Scattering Authorization form to allow us to scatter the ashes on your behalf.

Mailing the ashes may require you to have a transport permit. Just give us a call and we will help you determine this and will obtain the permit for you if necessary.


Mailing Guidelines for Human Cremains

If you intend to send the ashes to us keep in mind that only the US Postal service or a private courier are allowed to ship ashes. Companies such as USP and Fedex are NOT allowed to.

The ashes must be packed in a siltproof container and the contents of the package should be specified as “Cremated Human Ashes“. Please send by registered mail with a return receipt service.