Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering at Sea

We would be happy to be of assistance and offer you quality burial at sea yachts during your time of need. Being very near the ocean, we are able to offer very competitive prices for small family groups wishing to scatter ashes for Burial at Sea Services in San Diego and surrounding areas.

To further support our families, in addition to our San Diego scattering at sea service, we have established a funeral home in San Diego Funerals Your Way (FD: 2188), which is licensed in California to assist families with complete funeral home services ( cremation, burial etc).
Cremation Funeral
This gives our families the convenience of only dealing with one provider.  As well as simple cremation we as well offer the complete range of funeral and cremation services.

Many times the family will attend (but not always).  Any ceremony is always discussed in consulation with the family.  On occassion clery will attend but it is really up to the family and what their wishes are. There are also various other options what may be included such as video, photographs, flowers, music, singing, reading of designated verses etc.

Military Veteran Dicounts for Ash Scattering

We do offer military discounts, to use the military discount, you must send a copy of the deceased’s discharge papers showing an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard. Those who served in the U.S. Merchant Marine during World War II are also eligible.

Since the military does not allow the family to be present on military ships for ash scattering, many miilitary families choose to use our services.



We have three offerings for your selection and we do perform all of these types of scattering on a very regular basis;

Attended Sea BurialFamily is Present on Yacht

View From ShoreFamily Viewing from Shore

Un-Attended Sea BurialScattered in Your Absence

An increasing number of people are choosing cremation and burial at sea (ash scattering) for a variety of reasons. Not only is it significantly less expensive, rich in nautical background and preserves land usage, but is a celebration of life – saying goodbye in a peaceful beautiful setting. Currently approximately 46% of people would choose to have their ashes scattered over water. View our recommendation video on the left below.

Burial at Sea - June 2013Burial at Sea - June 2013Burial at Sea - June 2013

Burial at Sea (55 sec) – June 2013

Our captains are licensed by the United States Coast Guard and have much experience. As well, are commercially insured and licensed by the state of California as a “Cremated Remains Disposer“.  We love helping families at this difficult time in their life, it gives us a lot of satisfaction to be of service.



Ash Scattering – Burial at Sea – Location San Diego

Our ash scattering ceremonies may be performed at any location selected by the family, many take place at locations, off the San Diego Coast, such as Ocean Beach Pier, Crystal Pier or the Cabrillo Monument on Point Loma. California Funeral law states that ash scattering must take place at last 500 yards from shore.

The exact GPS position of the ceremony as well as weather conditions are recorded. This information is then used to complete the Memorial Certificate which will be sent to the family.

Burial at sea is common if the deceased enjoyed the outdoors and the water. Perhaps they loved boating or some other aspect of the aquatic environment.  We perform burials at sea for all religious traditions and customs.

Scottish Bagpipes

It is also possible to perform a burial at sea with no remains. This can be done when it is not possible to retrieve remains – in the case of a ship sinking or other disaster where no body is found. A service can be performed as a memorial or flowers placed in the water. Although not strictly a burial at sea, it does provide the family and friends with a form of closure to aid in the grieving process.

We can also perform ash scattering for a beloved pet which has passed. Their loss is also very traumatic and must be grieved. Please call us for additional information.